My Very First Surfing Experience

Whenever you feel the push just under your surfboard, that is the moment to pop-up. But what can you expect of the surf lesson and what is good to know? I will give you some information that could help you. My wife and I want to learn how to surf now that we are by the ocean. I like your point how you might get sore in odd places.

You’ll then learn the physics and technique on how to ride a wave. Many instructors first hold a beach training session where you practice paddling and popping up straight to a squat position. If you want to train for your first surf lesson, do some push-ups, burpees, and jump squats a few weeks before you go. Then we, one by one, went into the water with our coach and a big board to try Business for our first time. I went last and spent quite a bit of time watching my friends fall off the board in all kinds of ways. When it was my turn, I ended up falling off at least as many times as my friends.

Having my tiny five-foot frame meant I struggled to carry the board down the beach. My arms were barely long enough to wrap the width of the surfboard. After a little while, I awkwardly managed to drag the board down to the water’s edge. We started by practicing how to paddle out to sea and I then learned the steps to standing up on the surfboard. During our first lesson, we sat and stared into the ocean.

One area we didn’t discuss was the muscles of the core on the lower trunk of the body. Focus on your shoulders muscles and the muscles of the arms and chest. Once you’ve bought the right wax then layer up the wax in places where your feet will be and even your hands, this will give you some extra stability in your pop-ups. You might not remember everything written in these blogs but that’s okay. Just try to acquaint yourself with the fundamentals. Surfing is a rigorous exercise and you’d want to properly fuel your body so that it can handle a few hours’ worth of physical activity.

I have surfing on-off for 10 years and live in a country with no waves, so surfing has been limited to holidays. And the frustration is exactly what i am going through for some years. Currently in Japan and had 6 sessions of which of 3 really bad, 3 good. All came to the conditions and / or too small board selection. A few weeks per year in a place like this can be a great way to catch up if your usual routine has only limited surf time.

Once you arrive at the beach where the surf school is located, your instructor will give you your wetsuit and your surfboard, based on your height and weight. ©La Vague Basque BiarritzA group lesson, besides being cheaper, offers the possibility of making new friends. In a group of about 10 people, exchanging experiences and meeting new people is easy and fun. A private lesson gives you more flexibility with regards to the start time and allows you to have an instructor who can direct their entire attention towards you. You should bring a towel, bathing suit, sunscreen and water with you.

No shows and cancellations within the 24 hour period are not eligible for a refund and will result in forfeiture of deposit paid. You don’t need much for surfing, but a few essentials you should not forget. Boardshorts or comfy bikini or better a swimsuit, waterproof sunscreen, a towel, a bottle of water, snacks or money to buy snacks. On the beach, your surf instructor will give you an important theory introduction about safety, rules, how to handle your board, and how to do the first steps down. In order to get speed just before the pop-up, you need to paddle deep and dig.

I had never surfed before and the surf instructor Billy from Hawaiian Style Surfing was very patient and gave very good instructions, with lots of positive encouragement. I recommend this company to anyone who is apprehensive about surfing, the staff were amazing. We will practice a series of basic surfing techniques – how to position ourselves on the board, how to hold onto the board, and how to pop up .

We have a variety of surfboards and stand-up paddle board available for hire, from beginner to advanced boards. I like that you talked about how there are times that you were able to stand up for a couple of times even if you were not consistent. I think that just shows that we would really face challenges along the way, but it still looks fun to do and try our best to achieve. I hope that I can find an instructor I can trust by then since I really wanted to learn this so that I can tick one of the things on my bucket list. My first learning how to surf was off of Seven Mile Beach in Australia. I was teaching in Sydney at the time and the school I worked for sold tours with a company who brought our students down the coast.

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