Wukong lowering opponents armour

Minorstay behind minions to not get hit by her E. Neeko is able to kill the tentacles with her range advantage. EvenAatrox is probably the most skill match up there is for AD Neeko.

Will also help the critical damages in the later game to burst out enemies. Was nerfed to every 3 autos instead of 2 autos. Crit Neeko scales better than the on hit build. Build ever since her release and I’m happy to finally share it to everyone who is interested on it. I also achieved Masters for the first time with this build last season and I’m maintaining Masters with this build.

StrongNunu and Neeko both have a really powerful CC Synergy in the early game or just in the game in general. Nunu also gives great attack speed to lolsolved.gg for when he ganks. Both Sett and Neeko’s abilities synergizes well. Sett also wins a lot of the jungle match ups in the early game and scales nice. OkSimiliar to Vi but a little bit stronger with the synergize due to Wukong lowering opponents armour.

She is now sitting at a reasonable 51.19% winrate right now. It’s also pretty standard to expect this to fluxuate in case new players pick her up as a result. But it’s been pretty stable around 51% for the last two patches, so things are looking up. Swain wont scale as hard as he did before, because late game carries out damage his sustain and he loses a bit of his edge.

Meanwhile as a top laner, all of Neeko’s options are open; she can stay top and push down turrets, or she can group up and unleash nasty 5 man ults/snares. For the sake of argument, Lux does the role of the midlaner extremely well, since her mid-late game waveclear is both safe and effective. A lot of the champions Riot can’t buff or they’re too strong in pro live here in the D-tier. While thematically amazing, these champions are not viable in your ranked games. Unless you have 100+ games on them, I wouldn’t even think about it.

Not to big but easy to deal with in lane if you can keep your distance when he tries to jump on you. ExtremeRecommand to rush an executioner calling to fiora. Bad side about this match up is Fiora is able to parry your e or Ultimate pretty easy. You will be shielded for 3 games after a division promotion and at least 10 games after a tier promotion regardless of your MMR. You can still lose more and not get demoted if your MMR is a lot higher than the division you got promoted to. Pop Blossom Neeko begins charging herself with spiritual essence.

Has champions with wave clear, which leaves assassins behind. The following adds the Cupertino Icons font to your application. Neeko joins the battle as the newest addition to the League of Legends roster! She is a cute half-chameleon vastaya trickster mage who is a ton of fun to play and watch. After an six month dry spell, we finally get a brand new champion, and I have to say, I don’t think we could’ve asked for more. Faker roams bot lane to burn Ezreal’s Flash, which snowballed into a kill for Teddy later on.

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